At The Golden Balance, we wish to offer our personal rendition on many global dishes while inspiring our viewers and aiding the fight against world hunger.


Viewer Commitment

We pride ourselves in creating exceptional and unique content for viewers whilst maintaining a positive platform. 


We exhibit a strong will to inspire and support our team, viewers and every aspect of business 

Social Values

We have a goal, not only do we want to grow our business and platform, but we aim to play our part in making the world a better place. 




The Golden Balance LLC was founded in May of 2020. Though The Golden Balance is still in its early stages, we uphold ourselves to the highest standards and promise to always create exceptional and unique content for viewers. The Golden Balance was created on the foundation of love and passion for the Culinary Arts, which we hope we are able to share with a greater population.




Ahmad Alzahabi, founder of The Golden Balance is a Syrian-American Muslim who was brought up in Flint Michigan. As a recent graduate from the University of Michigan, he has dedicated his time to growing his love and passion for the Culinary Arts. His unique journey and experiences with the culinary world along with his supportive family and friends has led him to where he is now. Homemade meals with his family and the food network sparked a curiosity within a young Ahmad. He soon began exploring in the kitchen, assisting his mother to make meals for the family. 

Ahmad always knew he wanted to pursue culinary arts in some way but he was quite unsure on how to do so. Having interned at a  Four-Star Swiss hotel in Dubai during the summer of his junior year, Ahmad learned the ins and outs of running a state of the art restaurant. However, Ahmad's curiosity was not fulfilled. He decided to take a leap of faith and showcase his talents on the internet. Slowly but surely, he grasped the attention of millions and became a household name with his famous slogans; “Now Bismillah” and “Final Product”. 


Everyday Ahmad continues to further his food journey with an appearance on three different social media platforms and millions of followers worldwide.